You and a guest are invited to join us at Snyder Building for an informative workshop on Retirement Planning!

Retirement Readiness Despite The COVID-19 Crisis

Key strategies to help you create a plan so you can retire with more confidence.

Retirement Planning Workshop @ The Snyder Building Event Center

Monday, November 16th
6:30 PM

Thursday, November 19th
6:30 PM

The Snyder Building Event Center
608 2nd St
Platte City, MO, 64079

This seminar will be meeting requirements for social distancing and taking precautions to ensure the safety of our guests. We will be limiting the number of attendees to 50% of the room capacity with a minimum of 6 feet between each table.

This is a must attend workshop if you are planning on retiring in the next 10 years or less. The decisions you make today could affect how you live out your retirement. The world has paused because of COVID-19, but your retirement planning doesn't have to.

Discover the following in this comprehensive workshop:

The Retirement 3 Legged Stool

How to avoid panic when markets drops by having 3 key retirement pieces in place.

Investment Strategies

How to create an investment and cash flow formula to help preserve and potentially grow your portfolio.

Handling The Healthcare

What to know about Medicare and nursing home care to avoid costly portfolio pitfalls.

Reserve your complimentary seat Today!

Why we created this workshop:

This educational workshop was developed for adults ages 50-67. The workshop is complimentary, but seats are limited so reserve your spot today.

If you're like most hardworking Americans, you don't want to work forever, and retirement is something you're looking forward to enjoying. Chances are you've seen the market go up and down over your career and you're looking for ways to potentially create an income stream that will stand the test of time.

We host these workshops to help inform those who are looking for the light at the end of the tunnel so they can have greater confidence to retire knowing what strategies to put into play when the paycheck stops.